Sunday, November 06, 2005

Gym Etiquette

So I'm at my gym today which is the local YMCA. Great place and 95% of the people there are wonderful and friendly...except for the boys 16-22 that just go there to lift weights in front of the girls who are working out on the treadmills. Now hey...I'm a guy and I want to impress the ladies too but I came to workout. So these guys are picking up the heaviest weights they can and trying about 3-4 reps a piece with the veins popping out of their heads and even worse they are standing in the way of my weights between sets.

Now I'm very willing to give room and space and I find that most people are in the zone when lifting so I try to be cognizant of that and wait until they were finished. But these little bastards would just work out right in front of my weights and were frankly in the way the whole time...why? because it was in the line of site of the girls. So of couse I would say excuse me the first few times while getting around them for my next weight set. Of course I waited until they were done but they just wouldn't move. So finally I just stopped saying excuse me and just started getting around them whether they were working out or not and when they were done asked them to please work out on the floor not in the way of the weights. Well hey...I'm just some old man and they just gave me the whatever and started talking and gawking at the girls. Well I'm too into my workout to stop now so I just keep going.

Well I've tried being nice, I've tried being MAD!!! HULK ANGRRRRYYYYYY!!! So I start getting to my high points and start grunting like a madman...I'm mean I'm really having a great workout. This boys look at me like my skin is turning green and I'm going to burst out of my clothes in a rage because I'm huffing and puffing so much. Well I think that did it because about that time they gave up and left and I had my free access to the weights.

Well later on I'm stretching and listening to the sounds around me and I hear the girls the boys were gawking at and I hear them laughing and saying how stupid the boys were and that the guy that was making all the noises was someone they should have been asking advice from instead of making fun of.

Man that felt good to hear. It's hard going into a gym when you're out of shape, it's harder to deal with rude people when you're trying to improve yourself and sometimes even over the long haul you have those little victories that don't have to appear on the scale or in the mirror...sometimes it's just getting respect.

Hope everyone had a great day today


Blogger PartTimeMom said...

Great job - yeah 'real' women like men with intensity.

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