Saturday, November 12, 2005

Sick but fighting the good fight...

Well I'm still pretty under the weather but I renewed my effort to finish the weekend eating well. Last night in a fit of flu inspired madness I cleaned out my entire fridge as temptation still harbored itself in the form of two beers, 3 digornos pizzas and just some old leftovers that needed to go. I then went to the local Harris Teeter (that's the local supermarket here in North Carolina) and bought about 150 dollars worth of food. Now for a single male thats a shitload of food. I think most of it was the usual stables I find on the BFL site concerning my first weeks groceries. Amazingly I had most of the spices which are usually 3-6 dollars a pop when you buy them individually so that saved some moolah there. I mostly bought yogurt, cottage cheese, some fruit mixed nuts and dressings to go along with the usual meats and veggies.

I was getting pretty bored with a lot of what I had been eating the first four weeks and knew I needed a change. I've been reading more of the EFL book and joined that fitday website as well which blew my mind on how much I needed to adjust certain parts of my diet in terms of the 40/40/20 range of eating. So this weekend I'll be making the EFL roast, a few of the chicken dishes (even saw one from GymBeamin on the BFL tracker that looked good) and will mix in more yogurt, fruit and nuts into my daily regimen again to make things interesting. I know that in the past, boredom has killed me on eating right so I have to shake it up a bit. Hopefully I'll learn a for more dishes...I mean come on...chicks dig a guy that can cook...or so I've read in Cosmo...errrr...I mean Playboy...yeah that's it.

I'm pretty sure I won't see the gym until monday as my head still feel's like it's in a vise, but if I'm lucky I'll do some HIIT cardio tommorow and take my 4 week pictures. I feel pretty good despite making alcohol about 25% of my intake ;) Overall I'm about the same weight wise and I'm happy with that at the moment. I'm seeing my body reshape itself depsite the weight and my chest for the most part is sticking out further than my stomach...that in and of itself if reason for celebration. I'm heading back to the couch to finish the ton of DVD's I rented.


Blogger Supergirl said...

Take care of yourself and yay on cleaning out your fridge and restocking it. I need to do the same. You read right whether it was Cosmo or Playboy, a man that can cook is a bonus. :)

11:59 AM  
Blogger havlow said...

Thanks for the encouragement Bev :) I actually got out and did some cardio today and have been eating clean since yesterday so I'm feeling much better this after noon. No headaches, sneezing or coughing. Feeling immortal and invincible yet again lol.

1:48 PM  
Blogger PartTimeMom said...

Nice job on the 'reset' I know a fridge full of 'clean' foods always makes me feel good. And when I start powling out of bordum for 'comfort foods' it's nice to not have the access to those things that throw me off. Nice job!

10:36 AM  

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