Thursday, June 14, 2007

Trivia Answers

Well everyone did horribly bad on the trivia but here are the answers

1. This Boston born bass guitarist for King Crimson and Peter Gabriel is also renown for is work using the Chapman Stick and creating the use of the Funk Fingers to simulate a percussive sound on the bass strings.

*I will accept his real name or his nickname*

Tony Levin

The answer: Tony Levin

2. Michael Peter Balzary is known for his funk bass lines and pants made of stuffed animal dolls. What is his stage name?


The Answer: Flea

3. This bass virtuoso formerly of Weather Report was declared brain dead in 1987 after an altercation with a bouncer at a nightclub.


The Answer: Jaco Pastorius

4. This eccentric bassist whose work with George Clinton, Funkadelic and Parliament also collaborated with Deee-Lite on their massive hit "Groove Is In The Heart" in 1990.


The Answer: Bootsy Collins

5. To encourage The Who to write their own songs, their record company offered them a £500 advance if each member wrote a song on the album. What was the song that bassist John Entwistle wrote?


The Answer: Boris the Spider...And since I didn't want to make John feel bad I included his picture as well.

And the Bonus Movie the movie!!

"Isn't this George Clinton? No. Couldn't be. It's gotta be a cover band. He'd never play the Pit"


The Answer: P.C.U....In the movie George Clinton's Tour bus breaks down and he agrees to play a party on campus.


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I LOVE Bootsy!! He da best!

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