Thursday, April 05, 2007

He's going the distance...he's going for...SPEEEEED

Well after going 2 miles last run tonight I decided to see if I could at least up the amount of time running during 1 mile and also see what my time was. Well I did a five minute run 3 minute walk and 7 minute run and broke the 15 minute mile barrier:


It's still a tad slower than I was running this summer (14:42) but I was running more than I was walking and that's a good thing. My previous best these past few weeks was 15:56 on Sunday so shaving nearly a minute off my run/walk mile in less than 5 days is a pretty good sign of improvement both physically, mentally and emotionally. I really was worried that I would either give up, physically break down or get distracted in some other way like I had before and never finish what I started. Although the BFL program taught focus, this is a completely different animal for me as I don't run...never really have learned the way to do it correctly or without hurting myself early on and it's almost like learning to ride a bike!!

Also I'd like to share my 1.5 mile times for each week so far:

Week 1 29:45
Week 2 29:00
Week 3 22:23 (estimated via the mile time 0f 14:55)

At the beginning of my 5k quest I would have been happy breaking 60 minutes in a I'm seeing the possibility of breaking 45 minutes and possibly 40 if I keep up this pace. Overall I'm just keeping my focus on keeping the feet moving and finding a pace. Also found a great song on my mp3 player which perfectly paces my runs. Tonight I felt like I could have run the whole mile but I wanted to keep myself healthy for my run Saturday and not push it. But the song definitely helped keep me on track, didn't get me winded, but definitely pushed my body and strengthened the muscles. Faster than walking but not QUITE entirely running at a full gait. I'm hoping over the next few weeks I'll find was to stop shuffle running and get my feet further off the ground when I'm running.

Otherwise nothing new to report in the world or work or dating. I'm working with my boss to get a project or some other busy work under my belt to see if I can break up some of the monotony of my daily job as well as get some "raise" barganing chips :) I'll report more as I get the feedback. Hope everyone is doing well.


Blogger KatieFeldmom said...

Great job, Jeremy!
Keep on training and that time will go down in no time!!!
Have a great weekend!!!!!

3:27 PM  
Blogger Kana said...

Super job on the running!! Keep with it and you will see some improvments. WAY TO GO! :O

7:41 PM  
Blogger Pamela said...

way to keep up with those bit by bit improvements ..that's the way to do it! & isn't it GREAT to find music that makes you GO?!

11:20 AM  
Blogger carolakabb said...

jeremy - I absent-mindedly put a fruit loop in my mouth this am... and guess what! I spit the 1/2 chewed thing out - all because of you!

10:00 AM  

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