Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Well I've throttled the swim workouts up nicely and guess what? The weight is really started to come off and the stamina is returning nicely. I added about 300 yards to my work out today for a total of 1000 yards. Also increased the yardage of the main sets and kick/pull sets. Not sure my body is ready to take it much further this next week but it's nice to know that I hit a "10" so to speak with my workout!


Warm Up:

6x25 Free :20 seconds rest

Kick/Pull Set:

2x75 Pull :20 seconds rest
2x75 Kick :20 seconds rest

Main Set:

4x50 IM order (Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle) :20 Rest
2x100 Freestyle all effort on a 4 minutes base.

Cool Down:

6x25 Free: 20 seconds rest


Right now I'm purposely not timing myself in most of the swims. The reason is that I know how slow I am and I don't want that bit of discouragement lol. I swam one of the 100 freestyles in my main set and realized that my 200 yard freestyle was actually faster at one time in my life!! So to say the least I still have a long way to go for my own personal satisfaction!

Well I'm glad to see that everyone participated in the Trivia this time around. No one scored perfectly but I do have points to award.

Persephone recevied 4 of a possible 6 points.
Tom received 1 point
Carol received 1 point

The answers are as follows:

1. This Academy Award Winning Actor is the father to Angelina Jolie and grandfather to Maddox and Zahara.

Answer: John Voight

2. This Father-Son tandem hit back-to-back home runs on September 14, 1990.

Answer: Ken Griffey Senior and Junior

3. This 1993 film starred Daniel Day Lewis and Pete Postlewhite as a father and son wrongly accused and and imprisoned together for their roles in the IRA bombing of the 1970s. What is the name of the movie?

Answer: In the Name of the Father

4. Okay this one is an easy one for Lori :) Liv Tyler is the daugher of Bebe Buell and what famous American Rock n Roll star?

Steve Tyler of Aerosmith

5. What is the name of Superman's Father?

Answer: Jor-El

And the Bonus Question:

This famous actor who once played Superman's Father is in fact the father or Singer/Model/Media Bozo...Courtney Love.

Answer: Marlon Brando

Congrats to the winners. I'll try to have some new trivia up real soon!!


Blogger Pamela said...

Yay you on keepin it going strong with the swims!

9:45 AM  
Blogger KatieFeldmom said...

I think Marlon Brando is her grandfather not her father. It was her mother's mother who had the affair with him.

Anyhoo, way to go on the swimming and I'm so glad that you found something that you like!!!

Ditto on the times ... I felt the same way about my 50 -- same time as my fastest 100. So sad.

1:24 PM  

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