Sunday, August 27, 2006

Answering the fan mail

This is for Tracey is response to some very tough questions in my last post:

My blog is simply a sounding board, which is by the way a VERY public sounding board, of my own opinions, ideas, thoughts and my brand of humor. Perhaps you felt that my rant about the “other” forum was as bad as what they might be doing over there, but I assure you it was a simple critique like you might read for a movie or perhaps a restaurant. It is simply my opinion. Whether or not you agree with what I write is fine and I’m not one to take down your comments lest you attack my “rah rah” supporters of which I won’t have. But to be certain any critiques of myself or of my site are always welcome. I love getting comments, cheers or jeers. I'm not ashamed to bare my soul and I'm certainly not hiding in a forum where people might be making fun of other people. If I have something to say out loud I voice it here where everyone can read it. It’s my own little R-Rated forum if you will and the admission is free to all.

However, I must admit for someone who "don't read your blog, never have, never will", you seem to know an awful lot about it’s contents and it’s “rah rah” supporters. I guess forming an opinion on something you know nothing about is common for you and I’m sure those snap decisions have always served you well in life. As to your offense at my blog, I can only assume that you are either Dave Chappelle or you're a member of that other forum that I’ve mentioned in a recent posting. I’m certain one of the two is true; otherwise you wouldn’t have had such a reaction.

I’ll admit that the content of my site might be considered offensive to some. I don’t apologize for the contents. Some people like it and I post what I want regardless of who reads it. When I state something as fact or use someone's humor or quotes I try to make sure to cite my references as I try not to post statements on my website without cold hard facts to back them up. You learn to do these things as a history major writing a senior thesis and a network engineer whose job is to detect and root out those who would cause damage to billion dollar networks. However I think you might be mistaken about having never read my blog. If you're confused and think I'm in error I'll certainly check my details and I will eat my words if this proves to be wrong. However I’ve checked my data a number of times and I don’t think I’m in error. The truth as some would say is in the numbers. Let me explain.

I won’t go into any detailed explanations of Layer 3 routing protocols, packetized data, MAC addressing, network sniffers, source and destination or any of that jazz. I’m sure you know all about such things. However, on my blog I use a tool that logs all IP addresses, locations and the ISP provider to track the amount of people that visit my site. It logs other things like the type of browser you are using and other fun stuff too. Real James Bond stuff and best of all it’s cheaper than you might think. It’s a pretty powerful tool and if you don’t have it running on your website you should PM me. I’ll gladly send you a link and help you set it up if you’re interested. But I’m getting off topic.

Since I have a great support group I'm constantly having to sign 8x10 glossies of myself to all of my “rah rah” supporters and send them out. I was noticing a lot more traffic on my blog this week from Canada, which is great because I love my wonderful blends from the North. They really kick ass and boy do they know how to party. But this week I noticed a lot of IP traffic from Oakville, Ontario. I mean this person was ALL over my blog!! I mean if they were just coming to my page to find a link to say…Jess’s blog then I might be hurt. But no…this person was on multiple times and was looking at different pages in the blog. They really seemed to be eating it up. I mean what a FAN!! As I was about to get an 8x10 glossy autographed and ready to send to this person I noticed that at least one of their visits originated as a referral from that "other" forum that seemed to taunt my fellow blends. Apparently I have quite the fan club there as well since a few others have come to my page from that forum. You know what…I’m getting off topic again.

When you commented on my blog I actually decided to pay your blog a visit for the first time in a long time. I’ll admit I’ve read your stuff in the past. Nothing too exciting but not terribly dull either. You can imagine my surprise when I actually did read that you lived in Oakville, Ontario. Thus I did the math and came to the only logical solution: You were the person all over my site this week. You have to be…the time stamp on your comment matched up exactly to the IP in Oakville and thus I can’t think of anyone else it could be.

Please tell me it was pure coincidence. I would be heartbroken to know that you are a member of a support forum that would simply exist to try and jab at considering that you and I have some of the same blogging friends and some of the same people commenting on our blogs. Some of whom are actually members of the forum. Does the fact that you refer to my supporters as “rah rah” and “fake” mean that you feel the same about them when they comment on your blog? I assume you do since it would appear to be a blanket statement covering our common friends. Perhaps you believe your comments about them are different than what you were whining and complaining to me about as well. I don’t know to be honest. I see lots of holes in your arguments and frankly when your blog has a link to a site that taunts the myblends forum, of which you appear to be a member in good standing of, your credibility, at least in my humble opinion takes a hit. I’m not one to say I’m perfect but I make a point of not spending a lot of time throwing rocks in houses made of glass.


Blogger Tracey said...

Well I'm going to keep reading if you keep posting this shit. As soon as I notice a subject change I won't.

You've got way too much for me to comment on - you care - ALOT. As to the comments made on my blog, how do I feel? Neither here nor there. Do I think the people who comment there mean it? Who cares?

As to you following me around with a site meter I just don't get it. I won't get into it because my post would end up as long as yours. Before you ask, the one on my blog wasn't put there by me and I've never looked at it. Is there any way at all you can get me to see it your way? Can you get me to care? I mean that sincerely.

To me this stuff is like an observation room where I'm mildly entertained, somewhat curious - like people watching ya know? Everybody looks at people less fortunate than themselves and are grateful they are who they are sometimes.

Betcha 10 bucks you can suck me in again to comment.

3:51 AM  
Blogger Mellie said...

Damn T did you actually waste time in your day listening to that man? I have never known someone who tried so hard to sound "intelligent". To each their own...but I got to the second line and was like "forget it". All I heard was blah blah blah and some more blah!

9:24 AM  
Blogger yermomisfat said...

Thanks for the shoutout on Jess' blog. Youre all so supportive!

1:47 PM  
Blogger SupaFreak said...

All I have to say is GOD BLESS AMERICA. Aint freedom of speech great?

2:36 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

Oh this is good stuff! LOL!!

6:34 PM  

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