Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Moving on...

Well the fact that every piece of furniture was slippery from a mix of condensation and sweat should give you an idea of how hot it was last night while moving more things from the old place to the new place. I can't get ANY relief on this at all!! I've sacrificed the bed and the couch and have decided that a few more casualties may make the list if this heat continues. The coch and bed were items that I've had for years so I don't mind parting with them. The bookshelves, coffee table and chest will of course be coming to the new place. However I have to draw the line at the blood donation chair, the easy chair and the art desk. I'm fairly bummed about this. I have filed a claim with my renters insurance company and hopefully that will start moving forward this week as well as anything my landlord or the managment company might provide to assist me (ha ha yeah right) out of their own good will. As of right now I'm on my own with this. I'm hoping to get everything finally squared away by this weekend. Also...air mattresses just really aren't that comfortable. As of right now things look pretty ghetto furniture-wise. I have two lawn chairs and a folding chair in the living room along with a card table for the dinner table. In the bedroom I have an air mattress, a night stand and 5 drawers from the chest stacked upon each other. Charly is having a wonderful time finding wonderful new hiding places and has gotten dirtier than ever once she discovered the wonders of the fireplace. She's pretty restless and she keeps me up at night which combined with the air mattress has pretty much equaled little to no sleep. I'm happy to be out of the old place, I really am, I just hate moving on a moments notice because I won't have any extra help until later this week/weekend and it will be limited which means I've had to do a majority of the leg (and abs, and back and upperbody) work for everything that isn't furniture which frankly isn't very productive in this heat.

Okay enough of the bitching for now. I did take some fun pics of Charly hiding in the new places so I'll have to post those soon for the cat lovers. Other than that work is going well and I'm hanging out with some friends tonight to help me relax.


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