Thursday, June 21, 2007

What the hell?

I completed my 4th swimming workout today and I'm definitely feeling it today. My body is completely and totally devoid of any energy. I slept my usual 8 hours and am STILL tired upon waking up. I'm not sure what the problem is but I suspect it was do to my opening up the speed considerably in my workouts this morning.


Warm Up:

4x75 Free :20


4x50 Kick :20
4x50 Pull :20

Main Set:

1x50 Free (70% Effort) :20
1x50 Free (40% Effort) :60
1x50 Free (30% Effort) :60

Rest 2 Minutes and repeat Set

1x50 Free (30% Effort)

Rest 2 Minutes

1x50 Free (110%) Timed

Cool Down:

8x25 Free on :20

Total Yardage = 1300 Yards


I really spend a lot of time today working on keep the stroke smooth and my body moving without slapping the water a lot when I was getting tired during the harder sets. It's an important part of building your skills back up and it's as much mental as it is physical. Either way...I'm just damn tired!! Not sure if I'll swim again tomorrow but I may just do a nice 5-600 yards to stretch everything out and prepare for Saturday's workout in which I hope to hit 1500 yards. Once I hit 1500 yards I'm hoping to begin to maintain that distance for a bit while working on increasing speed while maintaining my form and stroke, then moving onto longer distance workouts.

Two days off now...what am I going to do with myself? :)


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