Saturday, April 26, 2008


No that's not my temperature. That's my weight! I've managed to lose about 8 pounds in about 17 days so I'm pretty darn happy about that. Again I think it's due to the shock to my system of getting rid of bad eating habits, eating well portioned meals and exercising again...but I'm not going to complain. So I'm nearly halfway to my goal of 190 lbs! How kick ass is that?

Also went for another run/walk today using the new mechanics. 14 minutes of running, however, I did 3.76 miles in about 59 minutes. I did a few calculations and that tells me that is about a 49 minute 5k. If I can get that under 40 minutes just doing the running and walking I think I'll enter a race soon!

I hope everyone is well!


Blogger KatieFeldmom said...

Awesome job Jeremy!!!
Keep up the great work!!!
And yes, you should definitely enter a 5K!!!

12:55 PM  

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