Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Weekly update

Well I've bounced back pretty well from the "bad" interview and learned what I needed to know to succeed on them from here on out. One things about the failures in your life is that they shine a bright light on what you need to improve upon and find ways to get it done. So I've picked myself up, dusted myself off and I'm back in the game again. Learning the skills (I know them...just didn't know them as completely as I thought) and filling in the gaps. I learned that I have a broad understanding of the big picture of life but I'm really not versed in the basics of what makes up that big picture.

For instance I know a lot about the events of the recent atrocities in the Balkans in the 1990's, but never really knew about the backgrounds of the groups, the motivations, the religious backgrounds or the long history between all of them that had been held in check by communist laws preventing one group lording it over another. It's amazing how much you keep up with the news and events and yet still only have a minute idea of what's really going on beneath the surface. Same thing with my job. My job over the last couple of months was "BIG PICTURE" instead of working the smaller more intricate issues that put together made the framework of the big picture. So now I know those smaller more intricate issues now and I'm a lot more prepared moving forward for the next stage of the interview process or for those interviews in the future.

In other news I'm doing more spring cleaning, this time with my home computer set up. I've bought a new laptop and decided to rid myself of the "network" I have at home which perform different functions where this lap top will perform all of them as well as being a mobile work station. Even better is that a lot my equipment could still be sold on ebay or craigslist and probably pay for about 30-40% of my new laptop. I'm trying to scale my life back a bit in anticipation of leaving my job and perhaps taking a lower paying job somewhere else and frankly that will mean moving out of my place to something cheaper and smaller and I have a lot of stuff that I frankly just don't need anymore.

I'm still in the gym trying to keep mostly in shape but haven't commited back to BFL yet. I'm hoping that once things smooth out in the next couple of weeks with work, interviews and what not I'll have time to devote to it. As it is I'm working 14-15 hour days, my gym isn't open at the times I am available to work out and frankly I'm not getting enough sleep to support the program as it is right now to be able to do 5-6 days a week of BFL. I know, I know it sounds like excuses and I'm trying to find ways to poke holes in those excuses like buying weights to work out at home, so we'll see about that as well.

Hope everyone is doing well :)


Blogger None said...

Don't sweat the workouts right now. You have bigger fish to fry. Just try to eat healthy, drink lots of water and try to get enough rest. You'll be back at it soon enough.

You're gettin' a Dell, dude!!! yeah!

2:58 PM  
Blogger FV Tom said...

I'm with Jen. You remember that eating is about 75% of the whole deal.

Congrats on the new laptop. This has been a pretty techie year for your personal life.

So what all did your home network do?

Good to hear from you.

Be good.

4:05 PM  
Blogger Suzanne said...

I'm with Tom and Jen...very wise they are (said in Yoda voice)...sue me...I watched Star Wars the other night and well...Yoda keeps surfacing.

BFL will be there when you are ready for it. Congrats on the new puter!

4:18 PM  
Blogger zooman said...

Glad everything is going well and hope you do well in the future interveiws because of your preparation.Yeah it would be tough trying to workout, even at home if you're putting those type of hours in at work.Good luck and it's good hearing from you.

5:49 PM  
Blogger Pamela said...

Yep they 've got it right when they say that keepin it together is mostly diet, So keep that as clean as you can & don't worry as much about the workouts... do what ya can...sleep is important ,very important & hey in the day time you can Walk anytime! :)

10:20 PM  

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