Tuesday, June 26, 2007

King of the Pool...DETHRONED!

Well I finally got into the pool and someone was faster. A girl from the local high school team got in and showed me who was boss. It was nice because it reminded me of how much further I needed to go in my workouts!

I swam yesteday and today and I'm experiencing some right shoulder tightness which I'm hoping will be cured by a shoulder wrap with ice. Does anyone know of a good brand or where I might find something specific for the shoulders?

Yesterdays Workout


Warm Up:

300 Swim


6x50 Kick
4x75 Pull

Main Set:

2x100 Swim
4x50 Swim

Cool Down:


Total Yardage: 1400 Yards


Today's workout focused on distance and upping the amount of distance per set. I was happy that I was able to swim 500 yards without stopping and without compromising my stroke. I didn't time it but I definitely got it under lifeguard training standard woo hoo!!

Today's Workout:


Warm Up:

500 Yards No Stopping and Keep Stroke Smooth

Kick Set:

5x100 on :30 rest

Pull Set:

5x100 on : 30 (I was averaging about 1:40 seconds per 100 just pulling so I was happy for the improvement!!)

Warm Down:

8x25 : 20

Total Yardage: 1700 Yards


Great workout tonight but definitely need to work on the shoulders!


Blogger carolakabb said...

dethroned by an itty bitty highschool girl? Mannnn and I thought you were dashit! (kidding)

6:17 AM  
Blogger KatieFeldmom said...

LOL at Carol.
Hope your shoulder gets better.

10:17 AM  

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