Monday, July 09, 2007

Great workout...bad cramps!

Well I am completely and totally thrashed at this moment!! Just got back from my first REAL workout with the Masters team and lemme tell you I'm wishing I was heading to bed in about 2 hours instead of heading to work!! Sheesh! Let it be known that i have the speed but those folks have got the stamina and having a cramp in the middle of a sprint set didn't do me any favors! Overall I feel good...mentally I'm a little beaten down because I still have a long way to go but overall it's nice to have people to pace you. I felt faster than my last timed 50 and 100 yard freestyles so I have a feeling those will be coming down in the next week as well. I did a 100 Yard Freestyle without kicking (because of the cramp) in about 1:12 tonight and I was pacing with another swimmer so I think those current best times will be dust by the end of next week. Now I need to find a ton of bananas!


Blogger chantal2bfit said...

Just think of the cramps as a good sign. It means you had a great workout. Pretty soon you'll be acclimated again with swimming and you'll be giving the other masters a run for their money!

Sounds like you had a pretty busy weekend movie-wise. I saw Transformers on July 4 and I loved it! I was also hesitant about it being a Michael Bay film, but I was pleasantly surprised.

6:18 PM  
Blogger carolakabb said...

go man go!!!!

4:40 AM  

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