Saturday, June 30, 2007

5 Straight days!

Well again...I need my head checked!

Today I did my 5th straight day of swimming. I did mostly arms today so that means tonight at work I'm going to be walking around like a troll dragging them on the floor. I did get a chance to "coach" a little bit today as well. It's been nice to meet new people at the pool and a lot of people have been asking me for advice on stroke technique. I'm always flattered to be complimented and then for people to ask my advice on how to improve their strokes is absolutely awesome. I worked with a guy for about 30 minutes this afternoon and after we finished working on his stroke he was going head to head with one of the lifeguards which really made his day!

In other swim related news I decided to contact the swim coach of one of the local masters teams this weekend. I looked over their website and it appears to be a fairly tight knit group of people (sorta similar in age range and support level of the blends!) that are equal parts competitive swimming and equal parts having a good time. This was really important to me as I'm definitely wanting to become a better swimmer, but I'm not looking to having that be the only part of the reason I join a club. They have dinner parties, go to the state fair, go to movies and have superbowl parties. Sounds like a pretty good group of folks and the best part is that it's a fairly cheap monthly fee!

So I'll let you all know more as I hear more.

Today's total yardage: 2700 yards


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