Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Tao of Charly (Chuck)

Well since everyone else is posting pictures...and I bend to peer pressure with things like that I figured I would introduce everyone to my roommate Charly. Charly is 6 months old and was raised along with her brothers and sisters in my closet. She is the daughter of my ex girlfriends cat, Omen, and with a few slight differences is a spitting image of her mom both physically and in character. Overall Charly is like most young kittens, brave, adventuous and has absolutely no subtlety with her claws or teeth. Everytime I've "Charly Proofed" the apartment she finds new and interesting ways to break down what I've done. She's always wake me up in the morning if she thinks I've slept to long and although she doesn't always sleep in the bed with me at night she's usually in the room on top of my dresser keeping an eye on me. She's no longer following me everywhere I go but she definitely checks in from time to time. Her favorite places to sit on me are either my chest when I'm in bed, on my lap on the couch or across my shoulder in the office chair. Her purrs are like a small put powerful engine that seem to really astonish my friends her pet and love on her.

Likes: The red striped ball, shoeboxes, plastic bags, coins, paper, water of all kinds (weird), the television, IMing and chatting with Daddy's friends while he's not at home (I stay logged in, people say hello and amazingly she jumps across the keyboard and responds), flies, Daddy coming home after work, cooking with Daddy and hanging out in the shower while Daddy gets clean. Jumping into the fridge or the dishwasher and the top of the computer monitor.

Dislikes: Daddy going to work, gym, being out of eye range completely. The crazy squirrel and beaver that come up to the porch. The blender, the alarm clock and the phone.


Blogger PartTimeMom said...

So when you walk in the door at night do you call out... "Hey! What's up Chuck?"

(I crack me up!)

3:07 PM  
Blogger havlow said...

Or "Hey Blockhead" when she's being real bad ;) Usually I'm saying "ow" or "umph" because I"m having to block her running out the door like a hockey goalie trying to stop a puck!!

4:35 PM  
Blogger Suzanne said...

LOL Shawn..too funny.

I truly am a cat person. Fun post Jeremy!

7:14 PM  
Blogger Connie said...

Oh I love her!! She's so cuties! I have a calico who is slightly retarded and the cutest darn thing in the world. Her name is Popcorn. I also have a sleak black cat named Sneaky...she's wonderful!

7:34 AM  

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