Friday, February 10, 2006

Alive? Yes...At they gym? You bet...back on BFL...welllll....

So I'm at the gym this week doing lots of HIIT cardio trying to burn myself back into things. Honestly at this stage I'm just happy to be doing that. I don't know where my head is on starting C2 but for some reason I just can't get to it. Don't get me wrong I'm still eating mostly clean and I'm in the gym 2 times a week but for some reason I'm just not getting my head clear enough to start the second challenge. I think a lot of it is the fact that I'm happy at the pace that I'm on right now and just not ready to kick it up a notch out of the fear that I might fall flat on my ass like I did the first time I started my second challenege and just say @#$% it and quit altogether. I guess it's everything in moderation right now including moderation. I'm still maintaining my weight and I'm still eating mostly clean (meaning no fast food or sodas at all) and trying to get back to eating 5-6 days a week. I'm not a cold turkey clean and jerk kind of guy. I question everything and listen intuitively to my body and my mind and right now it's telling me to take things in a moderate fashion and then get going when I'm ready. Not a bad thing I think and certainly better than the alternative I was living before I was doing BFL. So I'll keep blogging and supporting you guys and while I'm still eating, working out and doing a psuedo C2 and maybe...just maybe I should try a mini-challenege and see where that goes.

In other news I'm still making new friends and meeting new people. The dating thing was nice but just not very fruitful. I'm a complex person and unfortunately I think the amount I was dating mixed with the lack of really having my heart and soul into it discouraged me quite a bit. I've met one or two people that I wouldn't mind going further with but I think we are in different places right now so I'm mostly just trying to build a nice friendship. One of those girls works out at my gym (no not gymgirl) and she's really cool and happy and not dark and twisted which is...nice. So we'll see how it all goes. Hope everyone is doing well and I'm sorry I've been away so much I truly am getting ransacked at work and by the time I get home from there I have just enough energy to get into bed, wake up in the morning, eat and then head to the gym and then to work.


Blogger Jess said...

I think your plan is reasonable. I kept trying to start challenges after C1 was done and not really giving them 100%, although I ate mostly clean and worked out sometimes. I lost a few more pounds over the next 8 months, not a lot, but a few. And then I was ready to go again. It's for life, and I feel good for having just kept the weight off and keeping some semblence of the lifestyle until I was ready to re-commit hard to it.

As long as you're still posting and blogging, it's all good. :)

By the way, did you ever get an answer one way or the other from Webmaster about Tracker?

5:23 PM  
Blogger Lori said...

Sounds like you are back on track. Can't wait to see some new pics. Lori

6:04 PM  
Blogger None said...

I can totally relate to the C2 thing. But keep the eating clean and you'll be fine. Glad you're back!

6:15 PM  
Blogger Pamela said...

glad you're keeping up what you ARE doin.. really that whole thing with hitting it right after a HARD go sometimes it just goes sideways, I know... But the fact that you ARE at the gym & you ARE eating pretty clean...well ya know that is the important things to pull out of the whole program..that is the learing, the change that is the important part!..As to the relationship thing, hope youfind the right one for you , whomever that might be hon!

Big hugs

7:49 PM  

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