Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A few updates

Well I'm supposed to hear about the job sometime THIS week instead of last week. I finally called them yesterday afternoon to find out what was going on and they explained to me that there had been a delay and that things were supposed to be decided sometime today or tommorow which to me means later this week. It's nervewracking mostly because my job has become even more stressful and now living this dual life has added to it a bit. Thus I'm going to be a wreck until I get word one way or another. I think I mentally prepared myself either way but I'm keeping a PMA because I know they really liked me a lot and i think they know I'm the best overall choice.

In other news I've recovered from the robbery fairly well. As I mentioned last week I got the window replaced, the place insured and overall feel safer for the remaining amount of time that I will be living in my apartment. My new laptop arrived on Friday and it's very very nice and I'll keeping it with me at all times or keeping it someplace that I have insured for stolen or damaged property lol!!

I finally saw V for Vendetta on Sunday. I had been wary mostly because I'm a fan of the man who wrote the Graphic Novel, Alan Moore, for year and as he had taken his name off the credits I was concerned with how much of the character and book they had changed. For those of you who aren't familiar with the Graphic Novel, it involves a late 20th Century London that has been plunged into a totalitarian government and it opens with a man in a Guy Fawkes mask destroying Parliament with a bomb. It a brilliant story in which the lines of patriot and terrorist are blurred and you really aren't sure which situation is better at the end of the novel. Are we as a people better at standing up and making our own decisions or are we better off accepting rule by minority because of our own apathy. He plays both left and right sides of the political spectrum against each other (he's an anarchist politically...although he playfully admits it's unrealistic to be an anarchist but it's unrealistic to believe in other system as foolproof either so he chooses no system) and comes to the conclusion that no one group should hold all the power.

Now the movie on the other hand seems to be pitting one side against another side, making thing more polarized and black and white. It also fails to really explain the gray areas of why things happened except to blame the government, which is of course the biggest villian and the people who allowed it to happen. Anyone can make a "good vs. evil" movie with a magnetic hero and vicious hate spewing villain. However what made the original work so incredible was the fact that it spanned more characters, involved more subplots and definitely made you understand that there really is a hazy line between good and evil even if you think that you are doing something in the best interest of everyone. Now the movie isn't all bad, however, it does challenge you to open your mind and ask that you stand up for rights. It's photographed very beautifully and overall an enjoyable two hours at the cinema. However, in comparison to the it's graphic novel predecessor it does fall a bit short. But as we've seen in the past, most books that make it to film definitely have that problem.

Hope everyone is doing well and hopefully I'll have some good news to report soon :)


Blogger KatieFeldmom said...

Now see, this is a frickin review.
My husband got free tickets to the premiere here in Sacramento. I opted not to go with him because I wasn't that interested in it, so when he got home, I asked him how it was.

His review: "Interesting". I kid you not, that is all he said!!!!!!

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