Saturday, April 22, 2006

Rangers...9-9 baby!!

Okay sorry about that...this maybe the only time all season that the Rangers will be tied for first in the A.L. West, won't be dead last and won't be under .500. I'm sure Tom's Angels will have the last laugh...but...for one shining gleaming moment my Rangers are in the spotlight!!

Well this week was pure hell to be honest. Spent the better part training my replacements and still working the hellish schedule. I was thinking a PMA would help the days go by easier, however, just knowing that I was having to still work there made it worse. The days seemed longer and unfortunately I had to do more work to make sure that everything was transitioned smoothely when I leave. It's been a bit of a downer but I'll only be working two days this coming week so including tommorow I'll have 6 of the next 8 days off which will be sorely needed for my mental and physical needs.

It's not been all bad though. When I announced my resignation it was met with handshakes, congratulations and then was followed by "Oh my god can you get me a job there too????" which was something I felt a need to act on. I set up a meeting with the director of operations to give me him a constructive but very blunt view of the morale on the floor. I felt, if anything, maybe someone with nothing to lose giving him the real pulse on the floor might actually help make a decision, or if he's handcuffed from above find a way around certain red tapes to make live easier for the co-workers that I'm leaving behind.

Overall it was a good meeting and frankly I think the D.O. is a good manager, but unfortunately managed too closely from the top and not allowed to make the necessary adjustments and have the flexibility to be competitive with other maintenance centers and companies in terms of retention, employee morale and overall job performance. I essentially was told what I suspected. Things are eventually going to go overseas for most of the work, our center will be more of a tier 2 (upper level tech support) and that until then upper management would only hire contractors and temps to fill any back fill or increased headcount positions for the time being. I explained to him that when you play the money game like that, contractors and temps become mercenaries and since AT&T is paying the same amount of money but is on the losing team and treats their people like shit...well he knew what I was talking about and again reiterated that his hands were tied. In fact I was half surprised he didn't give me HIS resume to give to my company on the way out the door. Ironically many of the people asking me about jobs at the new company are people 1-2 levels above me in middle management.

So I'll be working Monday and Thursday of this coming week. Monday should be pretty bad but I'm pretty sure on Thursday I'll be on autopilot...who know's maybe sneak a few cold beers in and see what else I can get away with. I've actually saved up a few revenge jokes that I had planned for later to happen on Thursday so we'll see if I get a chance to get them done. I'm not planning to be a hooligan to a large degree but to have a little fun with it...nothing that would come back and haunt me. Additionally I'm gearing up to start my 2nd challenge. I started eating better this weekend and hopefully my system will be ready and responsive and ready to go sometime in the first week of May!!


Blogger Jess said...

I have the same problem when I know I am leaving a job I'm not happy with. I think the excitement of the new job will carry me through, but I find having to still be at the old job makes me cranky, lol. Good luck with the meeting with the DO. That's really cool of you to do that.

Good luck on your next challenge, too!

♥ Jess

7:44 AM  
Blogger None said...

2 days 2 days 2 days 2 days...

Enjoy the week. Coast on outta there.

7:37 PM  

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