Monday, July 24, 2006

Well another week come and gone and nothing terribly exciting to report to be honest. I sent an email to my friend Dave that I mentioned in the last post. Haven't head from him yet so I'll give him a call this week and see if that brings anything. I get the feeling that perhaps his wife is behind all of this without his approval. Strange.

I also got invited to a 15 year high school reunion. It's strange that it's been that long...even stranger that they are having a reunion for it. I'm debating it although I'm just not sure it's worth my time. Maybe the 20 year reunion will be a little more appealing. Frankly though I left that town 11 years ago and never looked back. I'm not terribly excited about returning any sooner that I have too.

Work is going well. I'm finally actually Nearly all of the training is over and there are giving me customer troubles to work and I'm happier doing that now. The training was getting a little old and the breaks in between just weren't helping either. Now things a lot more fluid and I feel as if I'm actually doing something worthy of getting paid for. Of course in about a month I'll long for the tired boring days of training I'm sure. That's just me. Never satisfied!!

Suprisingly my Rangers are still fighting with Oakland and the Angels for the A.L. West. Apparently the heat that usually stifles them is everywhere but Dallas this time of year. I still give them time to fold sometime in August. Trust me they'll make some godawful trade throwing away any talent they have in the farm system for a long shot to make it to the playoffs and set the team back another 3-4 years. I would look forward to football season and the Cowboys but ever since Jerry Jones hired Barry Switzer, Signed Deion Sander and that moron T.O. I've just last all passion for the team I grew up with. Don't even speak to me about the Mavericks either I'm still smarting from that one. I guess I'll have to wait for college basketball season again and root for the Tarheels. They don't break my heart AS much.

Writing is still going well. At the moment I'm getting past the outline stage and doing some ROUGH drafting which is fun but scary because it's REALLY rough. I'm hoping to take a writing class in the fall once I have my schedule sorted out. I really need some other writers around me to help prime up the pump a bit. It's amusing though as I've been writing some short stories based on movies or shows or other things in my life that I think "man that would be more entertaining if I had written that." Meaning I watched a REALLY bad movie this weekend and decided to rewrite the whole thing over and belive was a much better movie. Well at least I think so.


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you go writer-boy!

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