Saturday, June 10, 2006

Answering my Fan Mail...

Thanks everybody for the comments...I'm sucking at the blog thing lately but I can say that even thought I'm not blogging I'm actually being productive in my real life which is completely different than it was while I was still at AT&T. So now the answers to some burning questions that have been asked recently...

Did I keep the cable or get rid of it? I have decided to cut the cable for the summer and see how it goes. So good. Nothing but reruns and I'm spending a lot of time outside anyways so I'm not really missing any shows at the moment.

Pamela you asked about my comics? Eh mostly 1970's and 1980's over printed marvel crap to be honest. Nothing of much value with the exception of my original signed Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns and Spiderman #300. Additionally I'm a reader and not a collector so they conditions of said books are fair to very fine if even that. I've gotten more into the trade paperbacks lately most because I love to read and hate backing boards and bags lol. But if you're curious about what stuff I do read these days let me know and I'll fill an entire blog about it lol.

Is Jeremy currently dating? Tricky question. Since I started the blog I've been pretty quiet on that mostly because I've had girls that fell into different types of categories. Girls I went to dinner with but no sparks, girls I became more than friends with but eventually didn't go anywhere and then girls that I'm trying to get around to asking out but wanting to know more. Essentially I'm pure and single as of this moment. I went on two dates this last week but nothing really going on either way at the moment. If something good starts to happen (i.e. blogworthy lol) I'll let you guys know :)

okay those seem to be the big 3 questions in my life lately lol. I'll try to post more often and yes the 25 things is still under way...I'm on number 18 right now so I hope to be done soon. It's less that I'm having a hard time doing it it's more that I have it save on my computer at home and I always forget to bring it up and complete it.


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