Friday, June 09, 2006

Five things on my desk at work

1. A rear view mirror so I can see if someone is coming into my cube while I'm blogging
2. My Mr T bobble head doll
3. Ton's of post it notes because someone else stole my dry erase board last week
4. An elephant from Thailand with the trunk pointing up (sign of good luck)
5. Obligatory coffee mug with umpteen pens sticking out of it

Five things in my closet

1. Years and years of checking stubs and statements
2. 5 long boxes of old comic books
3. Boxes that all my tech toys came in
4. A box with everything I've ever written creatively on paper
5. Lots of spiders

Five things in my car

1. Jumper Cables
2. Lots of CD's
3. 3-4 car cell phone/mp3/pda types of adaptorss
4. My cardboard box and contents of my desk from my last day at AT&T
5. Crumbs in the hard to get places

Five things in my pocket

1. Calculator
2. wallet
3. Keys
4. Money clips
5. Pocket Pool Table (sorry couldn't resist)


Blogger Lori said...

That's funny cause when I worked at Sprint and had a desk job all the snobby sales girls had mirrors and I thought wow are they stuck up or what? Didn't realize it was to see people coming up behind them.


12:45 PM  
Blogger Pamela said...

The mirror is such a neat idea! & what comics do you have??? colllectors..

4:52 PM  
Blogger FV Tom said...

pocket pool table ... lmao!

2:11 PM  

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