Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Updates and such...

Well I decided to update this blog since it's been quite a while and many of you presumably have assumed that I am dead. Well it's a bit premature!!

Been dealing with all kinds of issues on the home front and mostly getting my shit together at home and at work. Suffice to say I'm hoping to make a big push mentally and emotionally to end the new year on a high note and start back to goal making and what not in the new year.

What's new you ask?

Well I'm a blonde now. I dyed my hair for a costume over halloween and then realized I actually enjoyed the look. I mean it doesn't look great...just different and it's sort of inspiring to make the silly little changes in life if only to show that you can do it. Sometime you just need to shake things up a little...even if it looks somewhat ridiculous.

Apartment is finally furnished again after the flooding from the summer. Got the new bed, sofa and recliner moved in the last month and now I'm looking at a table of somekind for the kitchen. Mind you that I'm still a man and prefer my spartan lifestyle so I'm sure I'll go to world market and find some medieval table with benches instead of chairs.

Job has been challenging the last few months for a number of reasons. I'm getting a handle on things so I think I'll be fine now. Just a lot of new products and customer expectations to sort through and not enough time in the day. I'll get it right eventually but it's definitely taking up a lot of my away time from the personal life.

What's going on in the personal life you ask? Well girls are here and there but so far I've decided to hold off on the love life until after the holidays and concentrate on the family and close friends during the holiday season. I've got a few hooks into a few ladies but I think they'll hold until after xmas :) Other than that I'm doing my usual going out and having fun when I can. Also reading a lot more than usual but that maybe due to the cold weather and enjoying to read by a roaring fire place.

Hope everyone is well.