Saturday, June 28, 2008

New updates and a message for Jen (soul custody)

So a friend of mine decided to call out my manhood last week and I grudgingly entered a 4 mile race on July 4th. The 4 on the 4th is it's being called. Nevermind the fact that I haven't run over 2 miles straight, or that it's outside or that it may be blazing hot. No I would never let any king of logical thinking deter me from that. Most people train for a 5k...what does Jeremy do? He says screw that 5k noise you pansies...I'm running extra!

Yeah...go me. I'm sure there will be comedic photographic evidence. Dear lord.

Also...Jen/Soul've blocked me from reading/commenting on your blog!! You gotta let me back in :)

Friday, June 20, 2008!!!!!!!!!

So it's been about 2 weeks since I updated and I found that I was hitting a weight plateau and constantly running about 185-187 and maybe dipping down to 183 here and there but overall just not making any progress. I decided to go an re-examine what was going on because when I hit a while, more often than not I usually wind up letting the wall not only prevent me from going further but I usually wind up regressing back to my old habits.

Upon examination I found that I wasn't exercising as much which overall is fine. Exercise has been the 'gravy' of this entire weight loss journey so to speak. It's helped me get my metabolism up, but it's not been the biggest reason. My lack of fast food and regular colas were the biggest reason. Well I noticed that I was still avoiding those two big problems, however, I had resorted to eating out about 5-6 meals a week at restaurants and even though I was drinking water or diet coke my weight wasn't really moving and if anything I felt sluggish which was making me apathetic about exercising as well. I'm sure if I had let my extended free days keep up I would have eventually gained some of the weight back, gotten incredibly discouraged and fallen back to the old habits. So what did I do?

Well I actually went back to some basics of eating and nutrition. I pulled up and started looking over the website again. I also looked over my EFL cookbook and looked at some of the meal plans BFL champions had used. Additionally I looked at a lot of non-BFL material as well because I wanted an overall idea of my options. I checked out a website called the which had a lot of success stories and ideas that I found invaluable as well. Bottom line, I found myself at the grocery store at 3am rededicating my life to healthier eating and getting back on track.

So what happened? Well my weight finally stopped spiking and plummeting and I've slowly made my way down to about 182 pounds consistently and after a run on a really hot day this week I actually hit 179.8 lol. So I suppose the subject line is a bit of a teaser but I guess it was kind of cool to see my weight that low if even for a few minutes (before I chugged a lot of water and had a bananna lol) just to remind me that I'm still on track for my goal of 175 by Labor Day.

I've been happy with my eating as well. I've found some more recipes that really target a lot of my favorites styles of food, I've also really cut down on the red meat the last few weeks which has made an incredible difference as well. Don't get me wrong I'll never give it up completely, but I have to admit that although I like the taste of steak more than I like chicken, the post meal feeling is a lot better with chicken lol.

Also this week I've been consistently running for at least 13-26 minutes and doing between 1-2 miles without stopping. Major improvements on the running front. Not sure If I'll be ready for the July 4th 5k but I'm certainly a lot better off right now than I was 2 months ago!

btw Tom? Can my Rangers stop winning one and losing one? We've been at around .500 for nearly a month!!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

183.8 Lbs

Sorry I've not updated in a while. I'm also posting on accountability blog with Indy Girl, Carol and Becka so I've been better about keeping up over there :)

So despite the heat outside I've maintained my running, albeit, on the dreadmill indoors. I have to admit that it's not as bad now that I've lost all of this weight, but I still hate being a mouse on a wheel!

Two positive things today!

1. My apartment manager didn't even recognize me today. I had a maintenance problem in my apartment last night and went by to thank them for the quick assistance today. Well for the first two minutes she didn't recognize me and I keep in fairly decent contact with them. Then she says..."Wait...Jeremy? Oh My God! I didn't recognize you! You've lost weight!" Needless to say I had a bit of a moment of smiling and told her that yes I had.

2. I'm down to 183.8 pounds!