Friday, January 19, 2007

What my customer is doing to me today...

I would like to thank Ex-English Premier League player and current Hollywood actor, Vinnie Jones (Aka I'm the Juggernaut Bitch, Bullet Tooth Tony) for his help in re-enacting this for me.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What the hell....?

Okay the last 3 nights I've been to about 5 different large retail chain outlets/grocery stores and have been astonished at the level of customer support I've received. I've begrudgingly gotten used to the idea of not being helped in a store they all line up about the same, have the meats here, the veggies there, the electronics in this aisle the cat toys in that aisle, etc. etc. Shopping for dummies...or at leasat shopping for those that don't expect to be helped by any of the employees. So imagine my shock and awe when I was helped at no less than five different stores. Not just helped, but repeatedly asked to be helped an annoying large number of times. At both grocery stores, stockers (who have a large number of items to stock in a short period of time) were eager to help me find groceries, cleaning supplies, walking with me directly to the correct aisle, moving pallets out of my way so I could reach the items. Today at quiznos the guy who made my soup and sandwich actually came to my table to take away a few of the trays and told me to relax and enjoy the book I was reading. Tonight I had to fight off no less than 4 Petco associates who were all to eager to help me pick out a litter box scooper and select a toy for Carly. At Wal Mart (Yes I swear to god Wal-Mart...then one in Hillborough no less) I had one of the associates help me select the best vacuum food sealer for my needs. They worked with me for 20 minutes!! To add to the round of good help karma I've been getting I also had one of the customers out in the parking lot (yes a customer) offer to put my shopping cart away from me out of the kindness of her own heart. I have to admit I'm wondering if I ingested some bad acid or I've been hit over the head because this is GREAT!! Exactly the kind of service i've always wished would come back to retail America. Anyone else noticed this in your experiences in the last month???