Thursday, June 29, 2006

So the movie was great, for those of you not familiar with it, this is essentially a sequel, not a remake, of Superman 1 and 2 with Christopher Reeve. Essentially the movie bases it's premise on the fact that the audience has watched the first two movies, is familiar with general Superman mythology and from that point the film starts. We find Superman coming back to earth after spending 5 years in space trying to find out if he is the only person from his home planet left alive. When he comes back the world is different and everyone, especially Lois Lane, has moved on with their lives. So essentially you have the most powerful man in the world...with girl troubles...oh and Lex Luthor (played wonderfully by Kevin Spacey) is out of jail and up to no good again. Essentially Superman comes home and...well the old saying "You can't go home again" rings very true.

Overall I think the film was excellent. Not as great as the first Superman, a little better than the second Superman and obviously MUCH better than Superman 3 and 4, which from reports were discarded as essentially never having been made. Brandon Routh who plays the man of Steel has the uncanny ability to look like Christopher Reeve's Clark Kent and sounds like his Superman, however, he looks more like a younger Clive Owen/Dylan McDermott when he's actually playing the man of steel. I think he pulled it off extremely well. I think if anyone could succeed Mr. Reeve as the Man of Steel this was the person to do it. Additionally everyone held their own against the actors that played them in the past. If anything I think Kevin Spacey and Kate Bosworth may have improved on the characters of Lex Luthor and and Lois Lane originally played by Gene Hackman and Margot Kidder in the first two movies.

The movie tends to spend a lot of time focusing on the human side of Superman. Coming home, feeling outcast again and having to rebuild relationship not only with Lois Lane but with humanity and also with a pretty ballsy plot twist that I think was probably obvious from the beginning of the movie but was confirmed at the end. As I mentioned in my last post, Superman is a godlike figure striving to be human, and in this movie, I think they did as much to present as human and expose him as a somewhat flawed character as are most humans. I think they did a great job with this. Hopefully they will keep Bryan Singer on board for at least the next sequel so the momentum will stay alive. The last thing this Superman needs is another "Quest for Peace" fiasco.

Well in addition to the movie I ran into at least 3 possibly 4 (although I'm not sure it was her because she looked a lot different than I remember) girls I've dated over the past years either at the mall or at the movie. Very strange considering my last post. I don't know if it means something to me or it just means that I used to date chicks that had something for Superman. However, they were there with dates/boyfriends so that was a little crummy. But hey screw them right?

Kim - Thanks for the post and welcome to my blog...I was more HOT in the t-shirt than looking hot. It's been insanely humid here in NC but thanks for the compliment. And yes...I am a huge Rush fan too :) I'm a former drummer so it's actually a law.

Coco - Thanks for the the post and welcome to my blog as well. Did I read that you were from Texas? If so what Part? I spent the first 22 years of my life growing up near Dallas!!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Okay I'm totally revealing my geekiness here but if Lori can have an Aerosmith Tattoo than I can wear my Superman T-Shirt to see it at the movies tonight :)

Admittedly her tattoo looks much better on her than my T-shirt does on me...

...but I digress...Superman to me is a very interesting cult character because frankly I've always loved him. Some people love Jesus, some people love the Beatles, some people love John Wayne or Elvis or whoever. For a was always big blue...always Superman. No matter the incarnation...TV, Movies, comics, bedspreads or underoos...I always looked toward him. Sure he's a bit hokey, truth, justice and the american way along with a really bad disguise (glasses and slicked back hair) but his overall appeal aside from some of the lameness was just someone we could all look up to be a strong and good. I'm going to paraphrase a bit from an interesting article a few years written on the subject, but you see Superman is the antithesis of most heros. Most heros are normal humans that gain their powers and they become a superhero. Superman was always a superhero but strives to become human. For a man of incredible talents he is never able to use any of them while trying to be a human which maybe be a superpower in itself. Sure most of his life and backstory are fairly unrealistic but that never mattered to me. I look for the myth, the fantasy, the escape when I go to the movies, read a book or watch TV. I live enough real life as it Superman reminds me at times that its okay to dream...that's it's okay to try to superhuman.

So tonight I'm going to the movies. It's a weird feeling because the original Superman was a special movie to me. It was the first movie that I was allowed to go to but my brother wasn't, secondly it was the first movie that literally held my attention for that entire movie. That's right. The entire movie. I think I was maybe 5 of 6 at the time and here I was seeing my hero on screen and I was completely and totally in open mouthed astonishment. Star Wars may have had my action figure money, but Superman still had my heart. I can still remember to this day sitting in the theater, parents bringing their kids to the theater and all of us looking around ready and waiting for it to start. It can safely say I was not dissapointed one bit. Chrisptopher Reeve, Margo Kidder, Gene Hackman, Ned Beatty...even Marlon Freakin Brando were in this movie!! I loved it as much today as I did back then and it's with that anticipation that I go to the sneak preview tonight with my silly shirt on because guessed it...I'm 5 years old again and I'm hoping that I'm thrilled again.

Dodged a bullet...

Well I think we can safely close the book on the girl I was "dating" that I mentioned in my earlier blog. Although she was a seemingly nice girl, the more rocks I overturned the more drama seemed to rise from underneath. I won't go into details but I think it's okay to say that a lot of the problems she was going through seemed to be unrelated to her divorce or her husband and would have been issues that would have held me back regardless of the problems I mentioned before. Now we never advanced far enough into our dating for it to get "physical" so I figured just being honest and saying I didn't feel the spark was the best option instead of letting it get "physical" and then really not feeling the spark and wanting to back out at that point. Yeah...being honest...not really what she wanted to hear. Oh well my gut was right as usual and the war continues.

On a similar note I spent most of the weekend going over what I've been wanting out of my love life. I've read so many of your blogs and seen a lot of you find new love, go through problems with your current loves and also just flit away like myself in the pool of singledom. For the last few years I allowed myself to be a little less picky than I should have. I think that was due to some events in my past that lowered confidence in myself that I was someone worth dating and thus felt that I should be lucky to date ANYONE!! That's led to a whole list of dating mistakes I won't go into, but to be fair it wasn't all bad either. This past year I've gained confidence in myself as a person physically, mentally as well as emotionally through Body For Life, getting a new job and other strides I've made personally. All three of these things have made me a stronger person, it's just taked a while to clean a lot of the crap out of my system to get to the point that I can see the bigger picture at times. I've never had a problem getting I just need to concentrate on paring that group down to a select few that I actually WANT to date, WOULD see a future with and WILL take action on.

Okay enough said on that subject I'm going back to the lab...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Adding the love...

Okay making and updating the blog little by little...finally got some friends added to the list that I meant to do long ago but for some reason never did...I suck...we understand. So for Bobby, Troy, Casey, Jim and Chantal...welcome to my friends list I hope to comments on your blogs...well at least a little better now that I have you directly linked to mine. As for the rest of you...well I'm still working on commenting when I can...lately I'm literally but happily buried in work and sadly I get about 5-6 people down my list to read and comment on and then something take my attention away. So I'm trying to do better!! In other news the gums feel a lot better...the medicated mouthwash and the Aleve had done wonders to alleviate the swelling and discomfort. I go in for my first exam on the 7th of July so hopefully I'll know more by then on what to expect. Happy friday to everyone and have a great weekend.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Oh the horror...

Well this sucks...

Well this past week my gums have been swollen...not a normal problem for me as I've had a problem with sensitive gums/swelling etc since I was a kid. I usually just flossed a little harder, used and softer toothbrush and more listerine and things were fine after 2 days or so. Well the problem got the point that I was bleeding all the time and feeling the pain all over my neck, mouth and below my eyes. Well I went to the the dentist (haven't been in a LONG time) and was told that I have advanced onset of periodontal disease in many places under the gums. For those of you that don't know what it's basically plaque and tatar bacteria that have built up over time UNDER the gums and have been creating pockets under your teeth in the bone. This causes "pockets" between the lower tooth/bone and the gums causing them to detach and become sore and cause bleeding. The next option is to have the pockets depths probed and then a DEEP cleaning which requires the dentist to actually cut the gums as to expose the lower part of the tooth usually hidden by the gums to blast the tatar and plaque bacteria out and hopefully clean up the affected area. However, if the pockets are too deep then I could wind up having to extract the tooth and replacing it with an implant. Needless to say I'm not terribly happy with this prospect...however, it must be done because I'm in a tremendous about of pain. The only other draw back in addition to the stiches, possibly implants and constant recovery is the fact that this could take 6 months to complete as this is done in 4 sections of the mouth and each section must be cleaned, stitched and healed before moving onto the the next section.

Now I clean, brush, floss and use mouthwash consistently but apparently this is the reason they want you in every 6 months is to clean the stuff BENEATH the gums. You see my past experience with dentists ranged from the sadistic to the incompetent to the completely sarcastic. By the time of my last appointment I was convinced that it was a racket and then I was better off just doing more intense cleaning myself (twice the flossing, twice the brushing, etc) and didn't need these so-called doctors who seemed to do more to harm me than to help me. Well the dentist I spoke with this week changed my opinion of the industry dramatically but I guess a little too late to avoid what is going to be necessary to move forward. However, I do feel positive in that I'm doing that right thing and my father, who has been through the same thing before, assured me that it's better to do it now because it does pay off and make things MUCH better in the end. So I have that.

In other news I think I'm going to stay in a holding pattern with the girl for now. She seems to be back and forth with the drama and since we haven't really gotten to know each other well enough for me to make a firm decision I think I'm still going to date around for a while and meet other people while still getting to know her better. I appreciate all of your help and advice in this matter and it truly opened my eyes up to something I hadn't considered. Thanks everyone :)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I need some advice....

Okay I've been dating a single mother going through a terribly divorce right now. It's pretty early on, but there seems to be a lot of drama both her soon to be ex and a few confrontations from the girls he was "seeing" while they were married. Essentially he has threatened her physically and even gone so far as to slash all four tires on her car. She's put out warrants and he will be in court in July. Additionally the girls he was seeing keep calling her and threatening her and she has already been involved in one physical altercation with one at the grocery store back in October that got her arrested. I'll chalk that up to "heat of the moment" and look past it. but I'm wondering if I'm just stupid and need to get out of this because my gut and my eyes tell me things will get more dramatic before they get less dramatic. On the plus side she's nice, takes care of her kids, doesn't go out and party, doesn't sleep around (hey we haven't even kissed yet), she has a stable job and she's also trying to finish a bachelor's degree. My main concern is the "ex" drama and secondly she seems like she might be too busy beyond that to start a new relationship just yet. I'd like some advice if anyone cares to offer it because I know a lot of you are or have been in similar situations to varying degrees.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Got some sun...

...just so Carole would stop bitching at me to leave the laptop :)

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Texas 7...Boston 4

Sorry Jen...we gotta stop beating up on each other like this. It's only going to help the Yankees.

Answering my Fan Mail...

Thanks everybody for the comments...I'm sucking at the blog thing lately but I can say that even thought I'm not blogging I'm actually being productive in my real life which is completely different than it was while I was still at AT&T. So now the answers to some burning questions that have been asked recently...

Did I keep the cable or get rid of it? I have decided to cut the cable for the summer and see how it goes. So good. Nothing but reruns and I'm spending a lot of time outside anyways so I'm not really missing any shows at the moment.

Pamela you asked about my comics? Eh mostly 1970's and 1980's over printed marvel crap to be honest. Nothing of much value with the exception of my original signed Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns and Spiderman #300. Additionally I'm a reader and not a collector so they conditions of said books are fair to very fine if even that. I've gotten more into the trade paperbacks lately most because I love to read and hate backing boards and bags lol. But if you're curious about what stuff I do read these days let me know and I'll fill an entire blog about it lol.

Is Jeremy currently dating? Tricky question. Since I started the blog I've been pretty quiet on that mostly because I've had girls that fell into different types of categories. Girls I went to dinner with but no sparks, girls I became more than friends with but eventually didn't go anywhere and then girls that I'm trying to get around to asking out but wanting to know more. Essentially I'm pure and single as of this moment. I went on two dates this last week but nothing really going on either way at the moment. If something good starts to happen (i.e. blogworthy lol) I'll let you guys know :)

okay those seem to be the big 3 questions in my life lately lol. I'll try to post more often and yes the 25 things is still under way...I'm on number 18 right now so I hope to be done soon. It's less that I'm having a hard time doing it it's more that I have it save on my computer at home and I always forget to bring it up and complete it.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Five things on my desk at work

1. A rear view mirror so I can see if someone is coming into my cube while I'm blogging
2. My Mr T bobble head doll
3. Ton's of post it notes because someone else stole my dry erase board last week
4. An elephant from Thailand with the trunk pointing up (sign of good luck)
5. Obligatory coffee mug with umpteen pens sticking out of it

Five things in my closet

1. Years and years of checking stubs and statements
2. 5 long boxes of old comic books
3. Boxes that all my tech toys came in
4. A box with everything I've ever written creatively on paper
5. Lots of spiders

Five things in my car

1. Jumper Cables
2. Lots of CD's
3. 3-4 car cell phone/mp3/pda types of adaptorss
4. My cardboard box and contents of my desk from my last day at AT&T
5. Crumbs in the hard to get places

Five things in my pocket

1. Calculator
2. wallet
3. Keys
4. Money clips
5. Pocket Pool Table (sorry couldn't resist)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tagged by Jen...dammit

I am: terribly unorganized and need structure to survive

I want: Someone I can love and live with at the same time

I hate: I don't know if I hate's such a strong and definite word....

I miss: Listening to the Texas Rangers play by play on the radio with my friends from home

I fear: That i'm in the wrong line of work and will spend my life unfulfilled

I wonder: if I'm creative enough to be published or if I'm just damn good at entertaining myself

I regret: Staying at AT&T as long as I did. I feel it did so much damage in so many areas of my life.

I am not: Jeremy WAH I'm Jeremy Roy

I dance: Like a silly white man

I sing: in the car and only in the car

I cry: when all else fails and I have no other outlet

I am not always: a smart ass

I make with my hands: lots of gestures when I'm talking

I write: wonderfully vivid epic stories in my head that lately never appear on paper or on a word processor.

I confuse: Layer 2 and Layer 3 of the OSI model all he time (something for the geeks)

I need: more adventure

I should: take more chances and be silly again

I start: Strong and full of potential

I finish: with mixed results