Monday, September 24, 2007

And I couldn't resist my third post of the day...

A little before and after action...

Well I was asking around for pictures that my friends had taken over the years to add to my photos. My friend Laura (not the one mentioned in the post below!) has taken some pictures of me at an event back in March and than again about two weeks ago and WOW the difference is amazing. I know that I had gotten heavy (I mean damn...245 pounds is pretty heavy) but I guess I hadn't realized how I looked to the camera and to everyone else. Anywho I found two pictures to share to give you guys an idea of the progress I've made since March. I've gone from around 245+ lbs to about 202 (give or take a pound) as of this afternoon.

In these first two pics I'm around 245 pounds. As you can imagine I've had a few drinks in this picture.

In this second picture from the same night you'll notice the ripped pants because I had to SQUEEZE into them to put them on. By the end of the night the pants sorta gave out. How embarassing!

Finally the picture from Labor Day weekend. I'm around 210 or so in this pic so considerably less tonnage and NO ripped clothing!

On one hand it was horrifying to see and realize how much weight I had lost after my first BFL challenge that ended in January of 2006 but amazing to see that I've made SO much progress since then!

Great fun!!

I don't know if any of your are familier with the New Zealand parody band "Flight of the Conchords" but if you haven't seen them before you are missing out. The had a 12 episode series on HBO this summer that is going to be renewed. The series follow a their everyday lives as two rather dim witted musicians who have a terrible manager that can't get them decent gigs. The musical numbers below are from their live shows in the past that they use as sort of daydream montages in their show. Great stuff. I have my friend Lara to thank for this. Enjoy!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Perfect always seems to have the perfect card for the perfect occasion! This seems to be the card I should send to the normal girls that I just can't seem to make it work with :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fuk Yahoo

So this evening I was insulting someone and created and assigned them the name "Fuckface McAsshat". After doing this I was astounded at how much I enjoyed the name. I mean really...who comes up with cool names anymore? So I was bound and determined to trademark and copyright this little gem. So like the good little yahoo minion I am I went to their email page to register the name. Unfortunately Yahoo feels I have a dirty, filthy little mouth and refused to honor my request. However, I refused to let it go:

I win.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Okay someone sent me this and it just really freaks me out...