Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I just learned how to run after 34 years...wtf?

Okay big breakthrough in running...in fact you're all being held accountable!! Why didn't anyone tell me about running from the balls of my feet instead of heel to toe????? I've been running heel to toe all my life!! Then tonight someone says "try running on the balls of your feet" and I just looked at them like they had three heads. THen I sort of tried leaning forward and just walking on the balls of my feet and HOLY @#$!$ it MADE SENSE!! IT WAS LIKE LEARNING HOW TO READ!! I started a few drills doing it, then did a mile of mixed running and walking...and folks...I did the mixed running walking mile in about 12 minutes!! As opposed to the FULL running WALKING the last few days of around 15 minutes!! HOLY COW!! This is amazing!! It's going to take a while to get a adjusted to running like this but it feels SO MUCH more efficient, I feel faster...and hold cow my hands and arms don't look ridiculous anymore!!

More to come later...to be sure...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Back to running...

So I decided that I was feeling brave enough to add some running back into my routine. The results are mixed but only due to the fact that it was too damn hot today! I was however able to run around 8 minutes without stopping and felt like I could keep going! Basically I ran the better part of a mile (about a 12:30 pace) and the only thing that stopped me was my stomach felt like it might start cramping and I started worrying about some kind of heat stroke. I may try again in the evening...but wow folks! I can't believe that I was just...running...really running!
Now I might be able to really get myself back into great shape by being able to perform two heavy calorie burning exercises in the same week!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rangers 30, Orioles 3

I don't think I need to say anything more. Wow.

Monday, August 20, 2007

It's. Too. Damn. Hot.

Sorry I've been out of blogs and myblends for a while. Life, work and swimming have been pretty much taking up all my time!

The DAMA swim team is going well. Trying to make 2-3 practices a week there and make up's at the YMCA. Went to dinner with a few DAMA swimmers on Friday night and talked about running and then they seemed to want to talk more about setting me up with their friends. I'm worried about that since they asked me all sorts of interesting questions I'd never encountered before. It seems I may have inadvertently signed up for yet another matchmaking service. Yeesh.

Nothing new on the dating front. I'm still being completely celibate and actually learning to love it. I'm meeting all sorts of new people through DAMA and a few new people through my friend Sarah. Overall I'm not looking but I'm not saying that a few people haven't caught my eye. However, E-harmony is gone and can suck eggs for all I care!

Work is pretty difficult, however, I am making a considerable amount of progress there and I'm pretty happy with the results. I feel that I've learned and progressed more in the last 4 months on the night shift than I have working in the last 4 years. No joke! Hopefully that means I'll be able to parlay that into another certification and start making more plans on what career path I'll be wanting to move into next.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

So Carol will stop whining :)

Wow I just looked at my blog and realized I haven't updated there in about 3 weeks. Overall that tells you how busy I've been at work!! We are going through some major changes and even though I work midnight to 9 am during the week I'm also have to attend conference calls and training sessions in the middle of the afternoon as well for 2-3 hours at a time, that plus driving, plus sleeping plus...well not a whole a of sleep now that I think of it, plus other things that HAVE to be done mean that Jeremy is having to make the choice between the sanity of swimming or the sanity of blogging! Thankfully I've made a few updates here as well.

Overall swimming is going well but only at the bare minimum for now. I'm hoping to open it up a bit more next week as things SHOULD slow down but overall the next 90 days at work (Until the holidays) are going to be insane because of some changes we are making in our division. Good changes, positive changes, changes that mean the way for promotions, raises and honing of skills, but changes that mean my already raw and scarred nose will be still to the grindstone!

I did some timed swims on Sunday at the Chapel Hill YMCA and was not happy with the results. There were people in the way and the water was high, warm etc, but overall I felt those should not have mattered considering where I feel I should have been. However, I know that I've not been swimming as much do to work and I take a TINY bit of solace in that, but still, I really wished I had been able to get in the pool more because I just don't feel like I've grown much more in my aerobic base since about the first week of July and thus hitting the wall in swimming progress is tough to deal with.

Hopefully more interesting stuff in the coming days either swimming or work related!