Sunday, November 20, 2005

Living vicariously though my blog friends...

I've been noticing lately that everyone seems to be having a more fascinating time in their lives lately than I am. People are off meeting music legends, jetting to mexico and there is just FAR too much sex going on around here that I'm not a part of :) Seriously though it's amusing reading a lot of your entires because they are becoming little soap operas that I'm becoming addicted to!! I'm curious about the in's and out's of everyone's lives. It's become addicting and each one of your entries is almost a cruel cliffhanger making me want to know what happens next!!

Will Bev's Fireman be her true love, what kind of strange adventures will Suzanne and Dub have in Mexico, Will Karla's husband ever clear custom's, will Karenna keep from smacking the sister in law?? Of course there are lots more but overall it's seems like everyone has all of these interesting subplots going on in their lives that I read about. It's weird to me as I'm used to being the one with all of the interesting stories and now I'm getting the play by play while eating pot roast at work!! Maybe I should have started my BFL last year when I first started dating my ex...there would have been excellent fodder for all of you to enjoy. Car chases, crazy ex's, road trips, crazy sex, animals of all kinds, crazy sex, bad attempts at drawing writing and singing, crazy sex...well you get the picture.

I stop for a few months to take a breather and the world just passed me right by. Well no more...after I eat dinner and watch Harry Potter tonight I'm going to my local bar, starting a fight, picking up a woman with a mysterious past, driving to Florida to rescue her long lost brother and then collecting the reward money. Okay I'm probably just heading to bed with a class of skim milk and a small purr box named Charly...but I can dream :) Glad all of you are having interesting times it makes it so much more enjoyable to read than seeing what you eat or how much you've've all truly given me the gift of friendship here if only in the digital format :)


Blogger Lori said...

Wow, we do sound like we are in a soap maybe we should come up with a name for our reality show. Something to do with bloggers.


8:21 PM  
Blogger Connie said...

You're hilarious!

7:32 AM  

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